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Volvo FH16 2012 Waberers light box template V1.0
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Volvo FH16 2012 Waberers light box template V1.0

Compatible with: ETS 2 V1.8.2.5+

This is a template that can be used to create stand alone light boxes for the Volvo FH16 2012.
Each mod file/template has room for 4 different light boxes. You don't have to create 4 variants, simply remove the .sii files that define the other variants you don't use.

I will not spend too much effort at explaining everything. If you have a specific question, ask it in the thread and i will answer it as soon as i can.

How to use.

Download the source file below, in it you will find a complete folder structure with all the files you need to make your own stand alone light box(es).
All files have been named "decal_template" followed by the variant it refers to. I would suggest changing "template" to your own identification.
The identification can only be lowercase letters (a-z), underscore (_) and numbers (0-9) and all internal names have a limitation of 12 characters in total length. "decal_template" would be too long (14 characters) so as you can see in the .sii files, i have named the internal name "decal_templa", however you can use "." (period) to split the internal name. Effects unknown on how well the game performs. I had to do this (as you can tell) for the remaining internal name. It works but i don't "like" it.

Do as you please.

All .tobj files and material files work in the same way as the truck skins do.

However you will need to hex edit the .pmd files, replacing the path to the material stored in "/material/decal/decal_template.mat". You only need to do this on ONE .pmd file, you should then copy that file (hence why there only is one in the pack) and rename it to match the other 3 .pmg files in the pack.

The material path list (yes, it's a list. It just has one path in it) is 35 characters in length including the terminating null byte for the path string. You must ensure that the path string ends with a null byte (0x00) or the game will fail to read it.
If you change the length of the path string you also have to change the size of the material paths block. You can find this size at offset 0x20 (32 decimal) and it is an unsigned integer (32 bits unsigned)

DO NOT... I REPEAT, DO NOT just use "decal_template" in your released mod or it will conflict with other equally lazy modders. Thus completely negating the point of having a stand alone mod. Then you can save yourself the time and just edit "decals.dds" in the Volvo FH16 directory


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