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Volvo FH16 dashboard v0.4.1 Beta
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Volvo FH16 dashboard v0.4.1 Beta

This is a Volvo FH16 dashboard skin for the ETS2 Telemetry servers funbit. What is this skin thought he simply serves to graphical representation of certain Telemetrydaten on your Android smartphone / tablet and the browser.

the version 0.4.1 beta is a fix
changes in beta functions  0.4.0
readme added and the folder Structure withe the folder "Volvo FH 2016 Dashboard" that you can use copy/past at the skin folder
So today one comes so immediately updates on version 0.4.0
Important!! With this version you have to do the Telemetry server in the version 3.0.2 Download than in a bug on Telemetry Server 3.0.1.

changes in beta functions 0.4.0
new - now> upper 3 displays as well as the scale for km/h and rpm are in dashbaordlicht from play coupled
Anew - now> rolling corner / inclination corner Is also indicated(signalised) Graphically in the service
Anew-> with the Disconect ird point out now a picture indicated(signalised) with one (sobal to her in the drive mode since it disappears)

Important to v 0.3.8
Since I because Skinn 2 at me on the computer had once as a backup and once as a working folder of the heist because Volvo FH 2016 Dashboard - test and I accidentally the config.json from my Testornder have copied their müst the folder in "Volvo FH 2016 Dashboard - test "Renaming or 2 Möglchkeit you open the config.json with an editor and delete the" - test "in name and title. Bask there is an error message.
Thanks to andre1999 has pointed out to me!

Come now therefore, for something a long time again an update to version 0.3.8

Features / Changes in beta v 0.3.8
Change - changes> Menu Design (hope you like it)
New -> ner menu item stating arrived sec. Display with the sub-items Route Advisor and Service
New -> Route Advisor is the start screen of the secondary Display's
New - will> Service here their service-related data to the truck as the damage pedal position and an inclination angle / Roll protractor *
New -> when the daytime running lights switched on is now the speed scale / rotation scale Illuminated (hope it looks quite realistic from time please write your views)

* When tilt angle / Roll protractor works currently only the numerical value of the image display is unfortunately not static because the class gives me problems.

So I hope I've forgotten because nothing is already late because I have not slept yet: P: P.
Also, I hope you like the new stuff, and you have fun on the skin.
PS: Would appreciate if anyone could even make a video WHILE the skin on your tablet goes.

Features / Changes in beta v 0.3.5
Change -> Images that have not note sarily vgebracht as .png are now available in .jpg
new -> A / Flip-out menu
Truck information: make, model, gears, gear, tank capacity (max.), Consumption and AdblueInhalt (max.)
Truck info: This item has 3 subsections namely Oil info, truck Info, subsection
Oil Info: here you have the oil pressure and the oil temperature from the skin without a menu
Truck info: System pressure brake, battery status, Volt / ammeter, tachometer (display is Schollbar *)
Leg: Durschnitsverbrauch as a bar chart, range in KM and fuel level in L (display is Schollbar *)
About: Info for skin
new -> Time Added together until the next break

* Currently, the displays can be scrolled only in the server associated Androidapp is still changed that you can scroll in the browser.

Features / Changes in beta v 0.3.0
Adaptation to Server -> Skin is now with the ETS2 Telemetry Server 3.0 compatible
new - added> speed limit on Route Advior
fix -> the roof headlights / headlight on Bull scavengers are now activated

IMPORTANT: Starting with this version of the skin is no longer compatible with the ETS2 Telemetry Server 2.6.0! You have to get the new ETS2 ruterladen 3.0.0 Telemetry Server !!!

Features / Changes in beta v 0.2.1
Fix -> 1 Fixed a bug prevented you could use for skin in browser
Fix -> Missing images inserted
Change -> Petrol warning now comes with all Fahzeugen when gasoline only 20% in the tank has

Respect for the skin is currently running only with the ETS2 telemetry server v 2.2.6
Will change with the next update dan the skin on ETS2 Telemetry Server v3.0.

Features / Changes in beta v 0.2
Wassertemeratur functional display
functional AdBlue display
functional fuel gauge
Oiltemperatur functional display (in bar form and as a figure)
Oiltemperatur functional display (in bar form and as a figure)
Transitions werdebn now as L1 and H1 shown
Change -> the oildruck display is now in a bar and not in psi
change -> The clock is now unterTag / time to find Advisor in Rout
New-> Rout Advisor Incorporated (Start / destination, when it is expected the cargo, weight of cargo in tons, compensation and damage indicator in%)
new -> Anzeie is whether a trailer hitched
new -> display all-round light, roof light / bull-light *
new -> warning displays ** (Refuelling / AdBlue Note, system pressure, air pressure emergency, water temperature warning Oiltemperatur warning)
new -> Retardersymbol is now activated to whom the retarder
new -> Note if the game is not yet active
new -> Screen saver

* The light from the bull-and the roof is not yet displayed this but is on the server because it does not seem to get the signal from ETS2 ** when the warning displays are active, they light up even when the engine is off, although there is a class because heist engienOn but unfortunately the game goes into the no feedback

Images from Volvo FH16 Dashboard Skin

Again for comparison orginal pictures of the FH16 (images come from Volvo Interactive View)
- Skin Creator tino Thiel horn (Shakari)
- The re-upload the file is not allowed, only a link to oginaldatei is permitted

- Skin ersteller tinothielhorn (Shakari)
- das erneute hochladen der datei ist nicht erlaubt, nur eine verlinkung zur oginaldatei ist gestattet

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