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Volvo i-shift transmission mod
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Volvo i-shift transmission mod

Volvo driving is fun till you will use the adaptive automatic transmission the gear goes toggling between 11th and 12th gear when driving 80 or 85 km/h.
This mod solved the toggling problem even when your speed is 80 km/h in the 12th gear it will stay steady and you average fuel consumption stays low.
I have copied the gear rations of the DAF transmission into the Volvo transmission def files and it works perfect to me.
Forget the line above because I found the original i-shift pdf file and changed everything in the original Volvo i-shift ratios and it work perfect.


  • Hansheini
    2015-01-24 19:03
    It´s a nice mod.But where is my Retarder now?
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