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Volvo Truck NH12 edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN v1.1
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Volvo Truck NH12 edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN v1.1

Brazilian Volvo Truck NH12 edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN V1.1.

Tested and adapted to the game version: 1.27.XX and 1.28.XX Official.

Standalone, dealer Volvo and Volvo UK slots.

V1.1 1.27 & 1.28
– Corrected textures.
– Corrected engines.
– Corrected parts if not removible.
– Corrected sounds in trucks.
– Mirrors in all trucks corrected.
– Now have 13 different engine sounds:
Brazilian Volvo V8 Engine;
Volvo D13c V6;
Volvo D16g V8;
Detroit Diesel V8;
Caterpillar 15 V8;
Cummins n14 V8;
Cummins ISX V8;
General Eletric V8;
Kamaz 6460 V8;
Renault V6;
MB V6;
Paccar MX13 V8;

To Install:
PS: Dont’t launch this mod with other Volvo Nl/NH mod truck, the game will crash! Working fine on the high and low priority.

Creator: Robert Lima
Edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN

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