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Volvo VNL 660 1.21
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Volvo VNL 660 1.21

the mod adds an updated version of the truck Volvo VNL 660 Karma Edit for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which has its facilities and some additional accessories for the interior. I think that this model truck knows absolutely every player ETS 2, since it was established almost at the beginning of the birth of the game. Personally, I liked this model, but because of its size, it is not agile as other shorter trucks. If you are right, go up to the standard trucks at Volvo VNL 660, you will notice a change in control, and if the trailer is a trailer, the control will be has not yet been much more difficult. In the interior of the truck, you can set the shutter and a flag with the logo of Volvo. The interior of this model and its made ​​very high quality, traced absolutely every detail of the dashboard, and the speedometer needle is fully operational. Unfortunately tuning is not so much as we would like, but interest in the game is not affected. You can paint in any color, but it will look beautiful with colored vinyl, which you can install a service center. Game version: 1.22


  • Soryn
    2015-12-10 13:15
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    A truck did pretty good I really like inside. Note 10 is the truck.
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