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Volvo VNL670 Ana Beatriz Barros Combo Skin Packs
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Volvo VNL670 Ana Beatriz Barros Combo Skin Packs

I bring to your attention; Combo skin packs Ana Beatriz Barros for Volvo vnl670.Skin supports metallic paint, with snowflakes texture. In three different colors of your choice. Trailer autonomous, registered in the traffic, orders and agencies in the gallery. Weight 35-45 tons. Name of goods; apricots and pomegranates (fruit)
test version; Also on older versions of works.
Author Karen Grigoryan

Author Karen Grigoryan

  • Turboiron
    2018-01-16 14:32
    O my god
  • Karen
    2018-01-16 18:07
    Вот версия без снежинокHere's a version without snowflakeshttp://sharemods.com/vmiou5njijpk/combo_skin_packs_ana_beatriz_barros_2_for_volvo_vnl670_by_karen_grigoryan.scs.html
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