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Volvo VNL670 v1.4 for ETS 2 by Aradeth
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Volvo VNL670 v1.4 for ETS 2 by Aradeth

***Don't forget to extract the file. It contains truck mod, cabin acc. dlc add-on and truck skin template.

***If you're using any VNL670 mod in ETS 2 before, 
sell your truck and deactivate the old mod.
After that activate this mod and buy the truck.

***This mod isn't compatible with OpenGL (MAC) for now.
(I'm working on the fix.)
But works without any error on Windows.

* The truck is avaliable for quick jobs and it's standalone. 
* If you have FPS problems, don't use chrome parts much. 

*It's ported version of VNL670 for ATS v1.4 by Aradeth

See the full changelog from here:


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  • Space cam
    2016-04-13 22:43 Send message
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    Why do you need to remove the old one, why could not this be a standalone where you don't have to move the old one, and you will be able to use both versions in the game, why can not mod makers make a simulator rather than a game out of the similar world. in other words in the real world you don't have to sell you old truck to buy a new version, can it be the same in the game. if that can be done can this be a stand alone mod different template all together. thanks.
  • Space cam
    2016-04-13 22:45 Send message
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    the reason i am making this point i update my drivers truck from time to time and this means i would have to be selling all my trucks before i can add a new truck to my fleet of trucks and i love all of them.
  • Cinas
    2016-04-14 09:53 Send message
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    Welcome SPACE CAM. Primo : PC game is NOT REAL LIFE. Secundo Thanks moderators This game is still alive and enjoyed. Tercio : NEVER EVER DO NOT BUILD FLEET MODERATED TRUCK BECAUSE WHEN WILL BE UPDATED AS MOD HERE YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE COMPANY . VIPER 'S PETERBILT 389 TAUGHT ME FOREVER THIS ;-). .PS. Thanks ARADETH Great job, Viper's Peter finally has some competition. Greetings from Polish :-).
  • Space cam
    2016-04-19 01:26 Send message
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    i know it is not real life but is similar to real life because simulator is a close to what the reality is, therefore it can be done, but i would understand if scs do not allow that kind of development for its games. We must also be cognizant of the fact some people have used this game to better their truck driving skills. so the similarities are very close. but as for the game so can the mods be. thanks for your reply.
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