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VTS Company Skins Pack
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VTS Company Skins Pack

Hello people,

I have to pull myself due to time constraints from skinning back, I wanted to thank everyone who downloaded my skins and who have supported me and helped me, thank you with this pack. It is my own fictional shipping company. So far, the skins were only in my private use, but now I have decided after many requests, they want to publish. I hope you like them. I will of course continue to aucch for questions and support here are available and hope I soon can completely skin again. I have the skins all einzelnd done in the. ZIP file, so you can get you out looking for that you want to have, if you all do not want. Once again a big thank you to all.



This mod redistribute only with original Lnk and Credits!


Mod list the VTS Packs:

Scania R 2009 Skin

Daf XF Skin

Daf XF grille

Volvo 2009 Skin

Volvo 2012 Skin

VTS Trailer

New VTS Trailer (Scans calm the QR code that works!)

VTS garages Skin

VTS Trailer Holland-Style


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