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Western Star 4800 ETS2 1.31.x
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Western Star 4800 ETS2 1.31.x

Western Star 4800 1.31.x
Without cables
Buy from the dealer: MAN
It is present in the gallery and in the orders of agencies.
It has real engines, transmissions, sound, saloon with right and left rudder position, disks, additional controls.

-3D-model: Virat, SCS
-Shape, help with animation, baking, etc: SS
-Interior Model, Modeling: Oleg Verhovodov (Fire-Blade)
-Transformation and configuration. v2.0, v2.1, v3.0 v3.1 animation, etc: Mihail Verhovodov
-Sounds, engines and transmissions / Beta test / Technical support: kriechbaum
-Technical support: Mick Brown, Tracy N Nathan Anderson
-Stained windshield covers: Peerke145

  • Fake
    2018-06-23 23:58
    fake there is no update only rewritten by truck dealer.downloaded by mods_ats=losevo58.
  • Updated
    2018-06-24 00:09
  • Like mods_ats too
    2018-06-24 21:21
    yes you are right like mods_ats the original uploader (THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) too!!!!!!!!!!
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    2018-06-24 21:22
    and you are one of these bastards too!!!!!!!!
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