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Wheel + Trailer + Axles Sound v1.0
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Wheel + Trailer + Axles Sound v1.0

Hi there,

Here's a mod I've been using on private for some time and I would like to share.

- Exterior and interior sound for gravel and grass (noticable mostly if you drive slowly).
- Interior and exterior sound of a mix of lovely SCREAMING truck gear axles and semitrailer tires.
- It does NOT replace any default or mod engine sound. It just adds background sound, so it should work with any truck, either vanilla or mod.

As a personal note, this gave me a new level of enjoyment on ETS2 because it ended that "muted" feeling when driving the truck. If you drive a lot in real life on highways as I do, you will understand what I mean (I love to open both driver and passenger window on tunnels to listen to trucks near me "screaming" :) )

- SCS for sound files and main config.
- Ludmilla Power for interior cab sound file.
- Me (Irreo/Katixa) for parameters values, sound edit (pitch, volumes, noise, etc.)

I've been using this mod on private for some months, mainly because I didn't get a reply from "Ludmilla" after asking him for permission for using one file from a mod from him. I decided to publish this because I see there are lots of mods crediting him for cab sound, so I assumed he either doesn't care, or he didn't get the message. If you read this and don't agree, please reply and I will delete the upload.

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