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Wheels for All truck 1.24
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Wheels for All truck 1.24

full paintable wheels game
Rims, hubs, nut , crown, full paintable in play
Adding tires 50 Keda , has adapted to pack rims
Warning verified kept mod is a priority if you see the tires décallé wheels

P.C.S Moding

  • Theosz
    2016-09-04 20:43
    nice mod. I have: Ignoring obsolete attribute 'front_wheel' of unit '50k.295_80_gy.ftire' (of type 'accessory_wheel_data').'50k.295_80_mich.ftire''50k.315_80_gy.ftire' '50k.315_80_mich.ftire''50k.385_60_gy.ftire' '50k.385_60_mich.ftire''50k.295_80_gy.rtire' '50k.295_80_mich.rtire''50k.315_80_gy.rtire' '50k.315_80_mich.rtire'To make better it would be cool if this mod do not replaces the SCS LUX paint DLC,
  • Theosz
    2016-09-04 20:52
    I think that it must be updated for because some parameters of v1.24 are missing: roll_resistance: 5.5 wet_grip: 0.5 noise_volume: 65
  • Theosz
    2016-09-04 20:53
    ... these parameters exists in 50k version and are been erased by this mod
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