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Wild sounds for all Trucks Update v0.91
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Wild sounds for all Trucks Update v0.91

This Mod changes the sounds of all the tracks in the wild sound.

Wild sounds for all Trucks Update 20-11-2015 v0.91

Ver0.91 What’s new

Replaced engine sound(inside and out side)
Rebalanced the volume for engine sound of dependent on RPM(inside)
Rebalanced the volume for all sounds(outside)

Video list
Wild sounds for all Trucks v0.91 all truck

Replace many sounds

engine sound
exhaust sound
exhaust brake
air brake sound
shifting sound
horn sound

Rebalanced many sounds volume

Rumble stripe
gear noises
tire noises
suspension noises

I recommend a combination with My Mod Tuned environmental sounds v0.9

tested on version 1.21.1
checked game log:no error

Brinker retain the original sound.

I tested at all tracks.
but I don’t testing at all of the engine.
Please comment if there is any problem.

If you want to exclude you specific tracks from Mod, Please execute the following steps.

1.Unpack this Mod.
2.Delete a following folder of the target track.
3. Repack this Mod.

Credits:SCS Software for orignal sounds


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