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Wild Sounds for all Trucks v0.92
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Wild Sounds for all Trucks v0.92

This Mod changes the sounds of all the trucks in the wild sound.

– Replace many sounds.
e.g.engine sound, exhaust sound exhaust brake air brake sound and shifting sound horn sound…
– Rebalanced many sounds volume for Rumble stripe, all noises in the cabin.
e.g.gear noises,tire noises,suspension noises,turbine,break…
– Brinker retain the original sound.

Change Log in v0.92:
– Work in the Scania RJL(RS,T)
– Add the V8 engine sound(Scania R,Streamline,RJL,Mercedes Actros2014)
– Rebalanced the volume for all sounds(outside,stick)

Change Log in v0.91:
– Replaced engine sound(inside and out side)
– Rebalanced the volume for engine sound of dependent on RPM(inside)
– Rebalanced the volume for all sounds(outside)

Tested on version
Checked game log: no error

Author: R2limited

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