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YKS Team EU Turkey Map&Vive La France v1.30.x
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YKS Team EU Turkey Map&Vive La France v1.30.x

-7 new country, connected to Europe map.(Turkey,North Cyprus Turkish Republic,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Georgia and Serbia).
-61 cities from Turkey.
-2 cities from North Cyprus Turkish Republic.
-2 cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-1 city from Bulgaria.
-2 cities from Croatia.
-3 cities from Georgia.
-2 cities from Serbia.
-Added Kapıkule and Sarp border crossing from Turkey.
-Added Šamac border crossing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-Added Kapitan Andreevo and Kalotina border crossing from Bulgaria.
-Added Bajakovo border crossing from Croatia.
-Added Gradina and Batrovci border crossing from Serbia.
-80% of models from Turkey are belong to us.

Link1: Normal
Link2: For Vive La France

Project Manager: Dogukan_K61 Map: Scaniaman6106 Models: Dogukan_K61,(Karsı),furkan61,UMTKRZ Coding: mbb27 Testers: SinanYılmaz,UMTZRLU Thanks for: orlic

  • Yks team
    2017-12-02 11:05
  • Yks team
    2017-12-02 11:08
  • Rooster
    2017-12-06 00:55
    New update does not fit inside the actual map eg,the southern coast road from Sofia and along that coast are now placed out in the sea ,one part of the route goes across Malta ,it seems that the map is to big,i did have a problem with the zoom out but that seems to work ok now and can move the map to see Samsun and also Georgia,I can still drive on them but the map in World map and freight market do not line up wit the roads
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