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Zdratek Graphics mod v1.0
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Zdratek Graphics mod v1.0

Zdratek Graphics mod V1 (V2 will be created soon with a lot of updates, we have a lot of ideas) so about this mod:
– Road textures looks like real (In some places little holes, like real)
– Very beautiful view, when not cloudy
– Clouds created using real textures
– Trees converted from orginal ETS2 and edited a lot, now with more shapes and so on
– When cloudy, maked rain intesity lower, but looks a lot better
– Nights is bright. For me favourite time for night from 04.00AM to 08.00AM, because best looking trucks lights, looks like real

Mod tested in all new versions
Added best quality details
No fps drop

If you find bugs please e-mail me [email protected]
Thank you for support and enjoy this graphics mod!

Zdratek, and big thanks for all who help with small fixes

  • Sammarco
    2015-08-14 15:27
    my sistem crasch whit this mode, mybe it has a conflict with other mods
  • Guest
    2015-08-14 16:49
    @sammarco ... first this is a stolen mod. second this mod is not 1.19 compatible
  • Sammarco
    2015-08-14 23:01
    thank you
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