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Zeeuwse Trucker v2.02
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Zeeuwse Trucker v2.02

Scania RJL 2.0 ADD-ON by Zeeuwse Trucker.
Scania RS 6 series
Scania T 6 series
Scania R4
Scania T4
chrome parts, interior’s exterior’s, Weeda, etc.
You need Scania RJL RS and T mod.
You need Scania R4 and T4 mod, links below.

unpack the rar, copy to your mod folder, give Scania_RJL_2.0_Addons_Zeeuwse_Trucker.scs a higher priority then scania rjl rs and t.give 4_s_interior_zeeuwse_trucker.zip a higher priority then scania r4 and t4. you can use the soundfile from the earlier version if you like, put that on top.
I wish you all happy trucking,
grtz Zeeuwse Trucker

Zeeuwse_Trucker, RJL/Fordsonmies, Mak-Kyver,GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123, EED123, NewTon,SCS, Thunderhawk,Piva, Longlinerv8.

  • Nlgabbernl
    2016-10-11 08:14
    No file!!! :(
  • Bennekeben
    2016-12-14 21:02
    hes a reuploader, dont thrust this, files are being broken down by the real authors.
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