Farming simulator 2019 mods
Zil 4421 Light tuning (1.26 - 1.32) Upd 25.09.18
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Zil 4421 Light tuning (1.26 - 1.32) Upd 25.09.18

Find in Iveco
Your interior
Own sound
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories

Added a visor to the windshield
Roof antenna added
Added fog on the roof and the front bumper
Added wings from Scania to the rear bumper
New rear bumper
Added horn to the roof
The YaMZ 536 engine was redone and a new sound was added
The new muffler
Added support for DLC Cabin Accessories
Added accessories in the salon
Added xenon headlights,
Added mirrors on the hood
Added disks.
Added pair of curtains
Smoke is now optional, you can choose to set or not

You can not put the wheel, put what you like.

Link 1 Truck
Link 2 Fix for 1.31, 1.32

Nikon Oleynichenko, Anton Aronson, Stas556. Modified & update funyash

  • Fix for 1.31, 1.32
    2018-09-25 13:48
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  • Original
    2018-09-25 15:37
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