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110KV transmission line v1.0 beta
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110KV transmission line v1.0 beta

The pack contains a 110KV pylons for straight lines and a 45 ° bend.
The masts are individually tailored to height differences in the terrain adaptable because the cables are ordered separately.
Built by Giants Editor
Have fun

Modell: Raptor5
Textur: Raptor5

  • George smith
    2014-06-02 04:05
    110KV transmission line v1.0 betaAfter downloading the file. I use Winzip, and after clicking on ,unzip. Winzip says that the file is encrypted and I have to supply a password. I tried to make a new one with about 15 letters, capitol, small, numbers etc. Then it tells me the password won't work. I have to supply the correct password. Could you send me the correct password? Please let me know what I should do.. Thanks alot, George Smith
  • Kody daum
    2015-06-19 21:48
    whats the password??
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