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Simple Flower Diffuse v1
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Simple Flower Diffuse v1

Want to add some easy colorful decoration throughout your map? This is a simple diffuse for unregistered, paintable flowers. This is for map makers; it will not work by placing the file in your mods folder.

NOTE: Being unregistered means it will not show up in your Fruit Menu and you cannot harvest and sell them. However, you can register them if you want.

1) Add the diffuse file to your foliage folder in the textures folder in your map.
2) Open map in notepad++ and add foliage sublayer, material and files.
3) Open map in GE and check scripting area for errors. Check to see if the layer loaded in the foliage layer drop-down menu. Paint some flowers (channels 4+6)
NOTE: More detailed instructions can be found with Dorset’s tutorial

Code: This was created on FS13 but the graphic can be used on any FS version. You will have to determine your index and ID numbers.
[code]Foliage: This section is among the other crops, if you want it to be an overlay, read Dorset’s tutorial.

File: Release: Any graphic artist that wishes to clean up the image and soften the edges is free to do so. Any advanced map maker that wishes to give better instructions is free to do so.

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