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1972 Ford Highboy by Catfish John1979
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1972 Ford Highboy by Catfish John1979

Here i present my edit of TorqueWrench1's 72' Ford Highboy with permission. The truck has weightscript and can pull all trailers including 5thwheel.

Original Mod by TorqueWrench1
Rollbar by cjanezich on Sketchup 3d Warehouse
Wheels by Giants off of atv retextured by Farmerboy69

  • Transamlova
    2014-09-10 00:26 Send message
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    Hey CatfishJohn1979 this is farmer TransAmLova here, I really like the mod you did a great job im clapping and dancing right now u just cant see it. :) Seriously, its great i didnt like the reg one this is way better no offence TorqueWrench1. TEE HEE
  • Alexheck
    2014-10-13 17:15 Send message
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    hey what is the original mod that you edited
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