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1992 Ford F350
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1992 Ford F350

This mod was originally created from the Maple Leaf Modding Team (We broke up) a little over a year ago, with the help of Fraser Cow. I decided it's time to get it done and quite a few people knew about it, so I should finish it up, and release it. It's not as high end as LMS's pick ups, was more or less a learner project for us, and I want to move on to different projects.

Truck has basic functions, and is a converted SKP model, which is why I didn't go crazy with adding scripts. Although it does not appear, it DOES have incab view, the windows are just tinted very dark. It is in scale with LMS's pick ups, just because they're a good base for American Mods.

This truck is a 1992 Ford crew cab longbox and has a 7.3 powerstroke, a Tidy Truck Box Liner, and has a Montezuma toolbox.

Djt14, Gordy, and Farmboy98, conversion, textures, and some model changes, scripts
Fraser_Cow, Toolbox, textures, script tweaking help
Kj981300, Textures
Seriousmods, Amazing screenshots, and adding reflective skin
Denomania, and iBoss55, reflective skin scripts
BigCountry, some model items.
Muddbone- Rims, base scripts
Think I've got everyone covered, so enjoy!

  • Farmer tristan
    2014-07-18 21:09
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    Its awsome i love it
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