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1997 Ford F350 DRW 1.0
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1997 Ford F350 DRW 1.0

This mod I made is an american made mod if i find this on another site there will be trouble do not upload it to anywhere else understand?

Slash4x4:base mod
Jossava,SFM Modding,Shippy74:(2011 model)gym (2013 model)
Mandun:sketchup file
MarkusSr:Chrome Texture, Shadowing, Store Pic, Wheel Adjustment, And File Clean Up

  • Mack (bull hauler)
    2015-03-04 18:21
    What the hell you steal this off of american iron modding i take it since you use their link for it, so thomas what is your american iron modding account?
  • Guest
    2015-03-04 19:56
    Lol... just because the uploader is so ignorant I may just upload this to other sites just for the fun of it. Chill out dude.
  • Mack (bull hauler)
    2015-03-04 21:07
    Here in america we have rules you retart one of them is don't take others stuff that you have no right to
  • Blake mclain
    2015-03-05 11:30
    Chill out dude I'm the original creator I uploaded it here calm down its cool you don't believe me shoot me a private message at aim I swear to god I am the creator
  • Guest
    2015-03-05 22:08
    Blake Mclain, send me a PM on AIM. I do not recognize you.
  • Blake mclain
    2015-03-07 07:03
    It would help if I knew who you was on aim
  • Hotink87
    2015-05-27 21:50
    how do you install the mods to the game???????
  • Ppl these days
    2015-10-06 09:03
    wow someones new and asks a questoin and what u just gonna be a bully really mature
  • Bill
    2015-10-31 02:25
    Next time make a horn and 1st person view be sides that its good
  • Pickle slice
    2016-04-03 01:32
    +BLAKE MCAIN Can you remove the strobe or what ever the thing is and add widows,1st person and better engine detail.
  • Matthewthecat
    2016-06-07 06:03
    Its Good it works well with my logging it just needs more detail.
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