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2002 duramax with snowplow
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2002 duramax with snowplow

this is an error free mod that is awsome,fast,and,powerful. the snowplow is not functional it is only a cool decoration. it has a flatbed and a trailer hitch.

mud bone,trucker429

  • Eric
    2014-06-26 02:41
    Looks sick
  • Tristen
    2014-06-27 21:43
    this mod is copyright i know the guy that actually made the 2002 duramax and if you don't include trickdaddytrock it should get taken down
  • Justin
    2014-07-22 08:21
    I am tryin to find this mod without the snowplow can anyone help me?
  • Max


    2015-01-25 16:26
    Can you detach that plow on it and put a working one on it that can acctually plow snow?
  • Jaocb
    2015-08-12 07:24
    what is this game i really would like to know thanks
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