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2008 Dodge Cummins v1.0
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2008 Dodge Cummins v1.0

This is a Dodge Cummins 2008 With my stackbed I made and a few other fun things! So this truck features New sounds!

Yes You june Upload to Other Sites! ~ Bobcat70 aka Fsfarmer11

Model: kinyocase modding, XML/Moddesc: kinyocase modding, initial testing: MarkusSr1, kinyocase modding, beleuchtung v3.1.2: Sven777b
Edit - Fsfarmer11
Scripting - Catfish_John_1979
Wheels ingame - Fsfarmer11
Flatbed - Fsfarmer11
Parts - Catfish_John_1979

  • Guest
    2014-08-19 12:13
    superbe travaile juste le moeteur et le poids du mod sinon superbe vehicule
  • Guest
    2014-08-23 05:47
    awesome love dodge rams glade you made one for this game
  • Dawson
    2014-08-27 01:28
    how do you get the dodge from on this website. to on farming simulator 2013
  • Dawson
    2014-08-27 01:34
    how do you get the dodge from on this website. to on farming simulator 2014 srry
  • Logan
    2014-08-30 00:37
    hey do you need patch 2.0 for this mod cis in the store it won't let me buy it it glitches my game out ? and could you make a ford power stroke dully and a lot of details with it :)
  • Survuvalman2000
    2015-02-03 03:38
    I cannot find this in the store of FS15. I have looked on every slide of every brand or category.
  • Guest
    2015-02-07 09:51
    how come you put it in your mods folder and u go to the game and it doesn't work
  • Kayden forrester
    2016-06-01 18:16
  • Dumbasses
    2018-09-10 00:13
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