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2010 MAC Smoothside End Dump
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2010 MAC Smoothside End Dump

As always, I can now present  to you version 1 of pickaxe9's 2010 MAC Smoothside End Dump.
"With its aluminium body and strong reliable steel frame the end dump puts the pay into payload. The lift axle allows for an efficient trailer even when empty."
"Using effective welding techniques MAC have managed to maximize the amount you carry which means less trips, more fuel efficiency and more profit."
This is a trailer that can be pulled behind a semi truck or anything with the attacher type "semitrailer". It has features such as beleuchtungV31 (indicators/turn signals) and a Lift Axle (Key "z"). The trailer can hold 92,580 litres of; Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Chaff, Potato, Sugarbeet in its stylish yet strong body.

Model from sketch-up warehouse by PETERBILT1993.
Converting to I3D by pickaxe9.
Scripting by pickaxe9.
beleuchtungV31.lua by Sven777b.
PlayStandAnim.lua by Xentro.

  • Farmer harris
    2014-02-11 21:41 Send message
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    Hey how do I report this mod did u people ever figure to ask American iron about this trailer it's people like u that's taking away the good mods people are making
  • Fridge 52
    2014-12-06 05:25 Send message
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    This may be, however this is granting access to great mods that people do not want to go give money for, in some scheme or tempt their computers to the fate of a ridiculously virus infested website. you IMBECILE.
  • Fdp


    2018-05-28 11:43 Send message
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    vai se fuder mod ruim do caralho o bagulho some pra outra dimençao e nao aparece no jogo esse lixo do caralho pega isso e enfia no centro do seu cu seu criador de merda vai desenha na porra do paint se desgraçado
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