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Haddon v5.0
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Haddon v5.0

Hagenstedt default map addon.
this addon give you storage for your grass,chaff,silage,manure,forage and straw in the big vehicle barn on the farm with conveyor belt
and digital meters for all.
also includes bale to manure conversion. other parts are the liquidmanure storage.cow water mode. wool pallet collector.floodlights that work.bale barn. big notice board for all crops and storage.and nice wall around the farm with rolltore gates. Fermenting Silo this converts grass or wheat barley windrow into silage. added extra things like conveyor for the cow manure and grain station near cow field. mixstaion for animal feed
how to use this is simple just put this mode in the mods folder and play the default map and this will just be added to the map

Pinguar for map design
marthu for cow water mod and woolpallette collector,mixstation mapsiloband
and any body else i have for gotten

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