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Case IH 9930 V2
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Case IH 9930 V2

Model fictif fait a partir du model JD 9870 STS et ajout de barre de coupe
la touche pour activé la toile de la moissonneuse : Num pad 5


  • Matus
    2014-09-24 15:32
  • Videogamer
    2014-10-01 06:03
    can you or someone please make a 16m cutter trailer
  • Jeremy
    2014-10-02 16:21
    Is it possible to make the auger in the grain tank work? I like the mod but I really wish the auger would fill the grain tank instead of it just filling up from no where. Thank you for the time.
  • Wayne
    2014-10-09 22:57
    I like that mod but I cant open it so make one that not rar so anyone can play with it ok
  • Angela
    2015-09-20 17:47
    OMG look at that combine header
  • Jambat1957
    2015-12-21 17:09
    this is like the third or forth copy of the jd 9750 with different skins can yall not make your own versions?the headers are great they work well with the JD 9750 combine please do the headers with the JD skins or have they allready been done?
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