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Ball bearing v1.0
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Ball bearing v1.0

Placeable ball bearing
Dimensions: 25 mx 12 mx 8.20 m (L x W x H)
Credits: Lulu88520
The mod can also be on other pages for download be offered, but only using the original download - Links!
The mod can be found without the consent of at Modders
http://www.ls-modteam-france.com/ not be modified, re-uploaded are!
The Mod (package) can be release on other sites, but please only using the original download - Links
It's not allowed to edit this mod (package) and no reupload without the permission of the modders. You can find the modders at http://www.ls-modteam-france.com/
More information: http://www.ls-modteam-france.com/


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