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Deutz-Fahr wrapmaster 4034 v1
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Deutz-Fahr wrapmaster 4034 v1

Presentation of a new balewrapper for round bale and square bale  (not scripts still)

modder: xyzspain
textur: xyzspain
scripts: various
ingame: xyzspain
animations: xyzspain

thanks all for support my mods, please add scripts for load in table square bale

  • Ferdi
    2014-06-28 10:08
    Nice mod, but i have a question: Who is the modder from this? And for what baler is the Wrapmaster and the Kuhn SW?
  • Smartin
    2014-07-05 20:20
    This mod is great, i`ve waited so long for this but he can't pick up squarebales, maybe a v.2 of both wrappers would be great :-)
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