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Feed storage v1.0
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Feed storage v1.0

Hello LS fans.
Here I want to introduce you one of my first projects. It is a new feed store in which a total of five fruits can be stored .
This is to grass , straw , silage, compound feed and Hächselgut .

Each bunker has digital displays which of the current level information . To make these ads more visible are ever Bunker 2 lights on the front and 1 indicator on the back .
Can Dumped as with other feed stores and on the Vorerseite . However, I have pulled out further to better reach the Abladetrigger so that unloading in the respective marks is possible.
On the back of the chuck bearing your trailer can be loaded to the appropriate conveyor belts.
Thus, the conveyor belts and the digital displays will function in your map needs your following mods and scripts:
- MapSiloBand - from Marhu
- Digital displays for Silofüllstände - from Blacky_BPG

I would like to thank me were used for the great work of Marhu of which the conveyor belts.
Has provided Further, in Blacky_BPG for the digital displays and mailman which for the dugout.

Instructions for installation is included with the download archive.

Please do not offer this mod without my permission on other platforms , web sites , forums, or download portals or make available .

Förderbänder von Marhu
Digitalanzeigen von Blacky
Unterstand von mailman

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