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Knustin map low and high PC v1.0
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Knustin map low and high PC v1.0

A scale and accurate representation of an area of farmland on the Northamptonshire / Bedfordshire border.

A simple but nice looking card made realistic with some improvements to meet all the opportunity on this UK region map

Twelve paid boxes in different sizes and a small amount of grassland cut for silage, maintain your animals for good manure and shear your sheep for wool and if you get hungry go and collect some eggs.

Voorzieningen U vindt ruime opslag voor all Vormen s afmetingen van de apparatuur, alsmede goed met goede located right van overpad.

Peter Adrian Smith

  • Gienek
    2014-08-01 13:40
    Oprócz tego ze brama za Gospodarstwo się nie chce otworzyć... To nawet bardzo fajna mapka.
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