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Starowies By TheMasteRTeamTV
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Starowies By TheMasteRTeamTV

Hello I present map Starowies Map By MasteR
As for the map is is the final and revised version v1.1
It is the last Map which I made to FS 2013

So Map has:
- 1 fully playable in the economy as
- Buying-2 (one for gospodartwie not far from ours) different prices
- A small village
- The Milkmaid
- Manure and septic tank v2
- Mod Lime (buying lime on buying)
- Manure pulled out of the barn
- Making-feeding in the barn WORK !!
- Shop Agromech (you can sell the machine shop for a greater price)
- Cash in the event of funding :)
- Sawmill
- Prepared place for planting trees with ForestModa
- Pantry straw on a farm (no need to do bales)
- Giving water to the cows chickens
- Giving przenicy chickens
- Machines for Home
- Weight on procurement
- Gates open at "O" sa MP
- MultiTerrain
- Nice klimacik
- BGA silo
- Large number of meadows
- There are no errors in the log log is clean
- Sales of bales on the farm
- Supersilo
- Storage of crops on the farm
- The map on the weak and good computers
- And many more of whom probably forgot :)

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