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Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2
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Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit V1.2
- Added Cucumbers, Peas, and Tomatoes
- Tweaked existing FillPlanes & Particles since the last version.

Lets see .... this bad boy can now harvest the following crops:
1 - Sugar Beets
2 - Carrots
3 - Onions
4 - Cherries
5 - Plums
6 - Apples
7 - Strawberries
8 - Kohlrabi
9 - Hops
10 - Peas
11 - Cucumbers
12 - Tomatoes

I could easily add Red/White Cabbage but since it won't render correctly I'm not going to since I have to make them nonrenderable (... bugs the crap out of me to release something that doesn't fully work ... only the Particle and FillPlane would be visible).  To be honest, I couldn't find to many maps that support those crops so there's another good reason =)

I think this covers the majority of crops that you could ever run into so I'm officially finished with this mod.  Most of the other crops that I left out only make up about a handful of maps or less so it's really not worth my time.

Before I forget .... I got ask this question quite a few times so I'll address it here so I don't have to later.

*** To harvest Sugar Beets you will need to remove the tops ... then the harvester will collect them as usual ***

The other crops can't be topped before harvesting ... sometimes you have to give up a little to gain a lot!

As always, I included in the Zip pack the FillPlane + Particles files for altering your tippers if you want them to match up.

dimanix - Grimme Harvester
RealDairyFarmer - Additional Crops (FillPlanes/Textures/Particles) + Scripts (Dynamic/Real Exhaust/GroundParticles)

  • Johndeerefanatic
    2014-05-12 21:48 Send message
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    Wow, this is a big help! Now I don't need a hand full of harvesters to get my crops harvested!One of the more useful mods I've downloaded in a while!
  • Johndeere_fanatic
    2014-05-17 17:19 Send message
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    Carrot particles are missing .... just thought I'd point that out .... everything else is good though.
  • Jamie mercer
    2014-05-24 12:09 Send message
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    is anyone getting the same problem as me the fruit plans flicker rapidly on the conveyer belts all the plans in order just stay visableall the time I took all other mods out to make sure it wasent a mod conflict but its still their anyone can help plz e mail me
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