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A lot of work v1.0
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A lot of work v1.0

Short description of the map: " A lot of work " of Bummi
All elements of this map are NOT from me but This is a collection of objects / buildings and scripts whose origin I can not understand Partially at the present time because the authors are not reachable for me or from the object / scripts - files not seen were / are not of Giants in the stuff.
I've built the map for my son and me in SP because he wanted to have a card where he can romp with the "Great harvesters " . Everything on this "map" is invented and corresponds NOT Reality ( UR) .
But maybe there are one or the other has a similar game and strategy for these players, it's an offer no more. This map is very simple , it also comes with something More extensive description is available in the downloaded file is in the process so that you roughly know what to expect but here a "short description".
A few general notes anticipation
The map is set in a zip file name " Please unpack " herein will find a folder name " mods " and the two " defaultVehices " and the PDF file "Description of the map" and a few images.
First, please read the description
the there is described exactly why you "what" and "how" should do with the folder " mods " and how the map works.
In the root directory of the map is the same description again as OpenOffice.
Note: Since patch 2.0 ( currently 2.1) we had no more problems with game crashes. As the GE version 5.0.3 was used last .
Played the map in SP ( and MP) with " heavy " and "Info " / " settings" : Time scale : 15
Frequency of missions: None Missions
on the growth times have been adjusted accordingly !
Rotting doing nothing here .
There are no missions!
This map is for " MR" not suitable !
I have some things changed so that the map by " UR " is ( unrealistically ) .
MP went with us ( with two laptops ) .
I can not guarantee also give the MP with you is really good!
In this release are starting vehicles Addon ` s been used !
But I have a defaultVehices with purely done where no starting vehicles from the UrsusAddon_v2.0.0 , and the TitaniumAddon_v1.0.5 who used the addon 's does not have the need defaultVehices just dive . The defaultVehices is located in the root directory of the map .
There are on the map five additional fruit. Oats, rye , triticale and spelled are fruits such as for example : . Wheat and barley. Millet is a fruit from a processing perspective, such as corn .
The animals are all on the " animal farm " , of course, only if You make ;-) and while there may be:
 - Cows
- Sheep
- Chicken
- Breeding pigs ( part - animated by Maruh )
- Breeding cattle ( part - animated by Maruh )

A mod for the transport of animals is not in there but which at example : . ^ MH or similar portals.
It is a normal large map with 12 fields of which You own eight including the cow pasture . Four fields which are ripe harvest , the rest is on the growth.
To acquire The Rest of the fields is the same procedure as in the standard card.
Here's a short story to the map " Viel_Arbeit " :-)
You've decided on a new challenge in the field of agriculture to accept and away from civilization as " foreman " to take a job on a large test -Good , which is not here to Riems . By and large, you'll quickly notice the duties but are much more extensive as I thought :-) . Because what you do there other interested go there also some visitors around or stretch your legs after eating . As your helper " contract workers " are that make your / your work, and are also housed in the restaurant , it can sometimes be the manauf whose work sometimes an "eye drop " must ( Cheers ,-D ) . As this is experimental fields and plants are there no manufacturing but only " collection points " from where the products to the Institute , which oversees the project , will be redirected underground and there is then decided what happens to it . To make your creativity and freedom of choice in dealing with plants , animals, and technology but as much as possible real , the Institute has decided you your work to tempering as it is common in the market. Only here you also have the possibility Plants to Grow - as well as equipment and machines for testing do not exist as on the free market , but since we will already be going on with "Good work," it is to beet , corn and grain harvest. Since the project will now restart again there is of course no animals except the yard - Hahn . If you want you also deal with animals , it is recommended at an early stage with the feed production to beginnen.Erzeugnisse represent for further processing appear to you as farmer inappropriate or overproduction , of which also always , you can use and thus reduce something your expenses for the BGA .
I wish you much fun.

Orginal auf die map abgestimmt
ryeMOD ? LS 11 selbst
oatMOD ? LS 11 selbst
dinkelMOD ? LS 11 selbst
sorgumMOD ? LS 11 selbst
triticaleMOD ? LS 11 selbst
RegFillTypes ? selbst
DoorTrigger ? nicht Notwendig
SchweineZucht Maruh selbst
Ertrag.lua" ? LS 11 selbst
WaterMod Maruh selbst
Huehnerstall Maruh selbst
PDAfix Maruh selbst
WoolPaletteCollector Maruh selbst
OverrideTrafficVehicle ? 11.08.13 selbst
OverridePathVehicle ? 11.08.13 selbst
OverrideAIVehicleUtil ? 11.08.13 selbst
allowAllBales.lua Enemenedene nicht Notwendig
BuyManyAnimals Maruh nicht Notwendig
FruitHudText.lua Decker selbst
register upsidedown selbst
ParkingTrigger Aranea selbst
registerVehicle Zalidar selbst
registerVehicleUrsus Zalidar selbst
Gebäude und Objekte Ur - modder Angepasst an die map
BGA getsome2030 selbst
Mischfutterlagergebäude ? selbst
-“- funktion Idee von Frisco selbst
Brauerei ? (Warsteiner LS11 ?) selbst (Rosdocker)
Zaun um die Weide ? selbst
Plakat ? (LS11) selbst (Bild)
„Schild“ ? selbst
LPG_SiloPaket ? selbst
FloodLight ? nicht Notwendig
Schweine Verkaufsstelle ? selbst
SheepShed ? (UK) selbst

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