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A valley in nowhere v1.0
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A valley in nowhere v1.0

Hello community!
This presents you the games community " LS- Fungamer " the valley of nowhere
What is there to say about this Map.Hmmmmmm let me think it was a spontaneous idea let's just say we so.Da like to work with small machines and us a map was missing according to our ideas , we have range sets us and simply ma quickly built a .
Installed we have:
Placeable cattle and pig
cher's shop
country trade
Rinderstall ( fully functional
To play this map you benötig :
Important Oldtimer addon is needed for the launch vehicles ! ! !
Looking for suggestions renovation requests but to just :
So now enough gesabbelt lot of fun with the map .
And of course all thanks to the conclusion of all the modders for your building which you have provided to us here encouraging Hoster ! !

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alle Modder deren Gebäude auf der Map stehen

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