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Agrifac Condor v1.1
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Agrifac Condor v1.1

Sanderrr said,

Because there Were not any self-propelled sprayers, we wanted to create our own sprayer.
Thats why we made this Agrifac Condor. the original model is made by giants and this edit is made by our self.

Some Facts of the Agrifac Condor
4200l tank
7L / Second
200hp motor
$ 265,000 In-game
$ 275 daily cost

Used scripts
- Lighting V3.1
- ESLimiter
- DrivingParticleSystem
- LowFuelIndicator
- All-wheel V4
- Passenger Mod
- Indoor sounds
- Speed lever animation
- Interactive Control
- Interactive Backup Cam

Original Model (Amazone Pantera): GIANTS Software
Model edit: Sanderrr
Texture edit: Sanderrr
Ingame: Sanderrr, JelmarVZ

  • Jelmarvz
    2014-05-28 18:50 Send message
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    thanks for posting the credits with it.... #NOTso here they areCredits: Original Model (Amazone Pantera): REUZEN Software bewerken model Sanderrr Textuur edit: Sanderrr Ingame: Sanderrr, JelmarVZ
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