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AgroNort Edicion Olivos v1.0 MR
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AgroNort Edicion Olivos v1.0 MR

MR Edition AgroNort Olivos

Again with another version of AgroNort:
- This time I have included the cultivation of olives. (Only AgroNort MR)

In the picture you can see the parcels with olive trees.
- A factory oil (oil mill) where you sell cash crop in olives.
- The map comes installed with a fully functional Pivot (You can fertilize with did field while simulating irrigation), you need to download the mod Pivot and place in mod folder.
- So Including Mod_choppedStraw (Chopped Straw)
- The map Has installed SoilManagement (Treated soil) Which if not controlled well fertilized and the PH of the soil with lime, manure and killed the grass with herbicide will not just production. (Unless you want to treat the soil do not include the file or the PDAModPlugin_SoilCondition.zp SoilManagement.zip the mod folder)

Find help for Soil Mod on my blog:

- Have you installed the mod manure and slurry, the Cal, the multi-terrain, the fruit of the sunflower, Raising of Calves and Pigs, a new heaven and night more real FrostMod enabled for the area, and much more ...
- All fields are owned (not to buy)
- The PDA, the icons and other location information is updated to the map and its features for better orientation if you use it.

Two pack mods in mod folder to decompress. All are Necessary for proper operational of the map.
(Everything you need to collect the Oliva included)

Link Pack AgroNort MR edition Olivos:

Link Pack Mods Needed:

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Enjoy it!
by Šetka

By Setka

  • Paco
    2014-10-21 15:18
    It looks good... but is more realistic, could I have a normal version? Thanks
  • Fco. javier
    2015-02-18 22:20
    Hola buenas, no me va este mapa como puedo hacer para que vaya
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