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AgroNort v1.0 MR
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AgroNort v1.0 MR

I present a new map is based on rustic areas that you can enjoy spectacular scenery.

- The card with a fully functional Pivot pre-installed (you can fertilize with this field, while the simulation irrigation), you must download the mod Pivot and in mod folder.
Note: If you do not start or Pivot is not in the game that takes ZZZ_multisplayer.zip mod folder.
(They are not compatible and do not know why)
- Has installed the card SoilManagement (treated soil), if it does not control and fertilized and the pH of the soil with manure and Cal and killed the grass with herbicide is not only the production. (Unless you treat the soil, the file or PDAModPlugin_SoilCondition.zp SoilManagement.zip the mod folder should not be included)
Note: This is why all fields unplanted, to begin treating the soil for more production.
- Do you have the mod installed dung and manure Cal, the multi-terrain, the fruit of the sunflower, rearing calves and pigs, a new heaven and night real FrostMod the field is activated, and much more ...
- All fields are owned (not to buy)
- The PDA, icons, and other local information about the card and its functions for better orientation updated when you use it.
- All mods I have put in download necessary (replace those of you with the same name)

Note: You must install all mod because they are adapted to the map.

All necessary mods are on my facebook
setka farming simulator

Enjoy it!


  • Chris
    2014-11-17 05:44
    where can i find the pivot mod at ?
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