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Agrotron TTV 7250 v2.0 MR
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Agrotron TTV 7250 v2.0 MR

The new DEUTZ-FAHR Series 7 Agrotron 7250 TTV v2.0 features an extended model of the
original tractor with support for 36 scripts. There are many improvements over the
early versions of the mod that will be featured in an upcoming video. We have worked
hard for months to produce this mod and we could not have done it without the help of
the many authors listed in the Main Credits and Specialization Credits. Please give
them a round of applause because they deserve it. Special thanks goes to dab992 who
worked tirelessly with me on this project and crafted some 3d parts like the new
warning panels with lights, wiper blades and sunshade for the sunroof.


What's Included

There are three buyable models of the tractor included in the mod. The first version
has Balloon Wheels, the second version has Care Wheels and the third version has
Dual Wheels. For example, you might use the Balloon Wheels version to plough fields,
the Dual Wheels version to cultivate fields and the Care Wheels version to fertilize
and sow fields. You now have the option to choose which tractor is best for you.

Additionally, the Sigma 4 Titanium has been slightly modified to support the Ålö
Loader and Tools Mod in addition to the Default DEUTZ Tools. Below you will find the
link to download this excellent mod!


V2.0 - Major Release (****** YOU MUST INSTALL PATCH 2.0 TO USE THIS MOD! ******)

 1. Added additional light coronas for the front and rear work lights.
 2. Added animated wipers for the front and rear windshields and warning signs.
 3. Added autosteer that allows to lock/unlock the steering for added precision.
 4. Added BunkerSiloCompacter to use the tractor for compacting silage.
 5. Added buyable Balloon Wheels and Care Wheels versions of the tractor.
 6. Added Rainwiper script to automate front and rear windshield wipers in rain.
 7. Added hydraulic hose to complete universal PTO support for FS-UK mods.
 8. Added ignition warning and disabled motor start for keys w/s in manualIgnition.
 9. Added iMonitor top and bottom displays that turn on/off with the motor.
10. Added interactive buttons and windows inside and outside the tractor.
11. Added missing dirt components for front left and right wheel weights.
12. Added support for the Aloe Frontloader that is a separate download.
13. Added realistic strobe (beacon) light based on FSM team's version.
14. Added reverseDriveSound for an alert with beep sounds while reversing.
15. Added sunshade/canopy made of canvas to shield the farmer from the sun.
16. Added tick sound for left, right and hazard turn signal lights.
17. Added tractor and front loader logos to bottom right portion of the screen.
18. Added handThrottle script to increase, decrease or reset idle speed.
19. Added lowFuelIndicator script to play audible alert and display fuel icon.
20. Converted most sound files to high quality ogg format with stereo channels.
21. Replaced all key bindings to ensure no conflicts with default key bindings.
22. Replaced Einblendung script for twin wheels with work light implementation.
23. Replaced front light with work light implementation so it stays on with AI.
24. Replaced MMRearCam texture to get rid of the border for more realistic mirror.
25. Replaced motor, wheel and suspension characteristics with new specifications.
26. Replaced realExhaustParticleSystem with V3 and added new smoke particles.
27. Replaced the old license plate with a new customized license plate.
28. Removed balloonWheels script and replaced with Balloon Wheels version of tractor.
29. Updated brand information for the front loader and removed a duplicate tag.
30. Updated comments, file locations and performed general cleanup of file structure.
31. Updated Google Translate's version of the German translations throughout.
32. Updated vehicle titles to a more condensed format for easier readability.
33. Updated diffuse and specular textures for the farmer with the DEUTZ theme.
34. Updated position of LEDs on the Greenstar console to prevent flickering lights.
35. Updated Beleuchtung to v3.1.2 from v3.1.1 as it probably includes some fixes.
36. Updated wheels to include reflective chrome (appears as brushed steel on Low).

We shall include a list of any and all subsequent changes to files included in this
mod archive when we release minor version updates as needed based on user feedback.


Third Parties

The original link (direct download) for this mod is available at modhoster.com. Any
third parties (third party websites) that wish to link to this mod must do so by
linking to the original page on modhoster.com where this mod is being hosted. Any
alternative download links will be posted on modhoster.com and maintained solely by
the mod authors. Third parties are not permitted to upload this mod to other
repositories or provide alternative download links without our consent.

Main Credits
Original Model - GIANTS Software GmbH
Mod Authors - bisailb79, dab992
Farmer Skin - sherco58, bisailb79 (Fix to Normal Skin Texture)
i3d Models - Asoka, Chefkoch, krome27, bisailb79, dab992
Sigma 4 - ago-systemtech, bisailb79 (Ålö Compatibility)
Sound Files - GIANTS Software GmbH, bisailb79 (Sound Preservation)
XML Scripting - GIANTS, ago-systemtech, Asoka, Chefkoch, krome27, bisailb79, dab992


Specialization Credits
AllradV4 - modelleicher, Case_IH_MxU135 and DragonLord2007/modhoster
autosteer - Henly20 (Ls_uk Modteam)
beleuchtungV31 - Sven777b
BunkerSiloCompacter - Stefan Geiger
DrivingParticleSystem - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
ESLimiter, ESLimiterEvent - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
extraWeights - Unknown author
Frontloader - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
handBrake - Unknown author, Amarlich
handThrottle - Templaer
IndoorSound - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
InteractiveButtons, InteractiveComponentInterface, InteractiveControl, InteractiveControlEvent, InteractiveWindows - Manuel Leithner, Custom edits by bisailb79
Lanes - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
lowFuelIndicator - Webby
manualIgnition, ManualIgnitionEvent, ManualIgnitionStatsEvent - Templaer, Custom edits by bisailb79
MMRearCam - MMAgrarservice
OperatingHours - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
PloughingSpec - Burner
Rainwiper - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
realExhaustParticleSystemV3 - modelleicher
RPMDisplayControl - Tobias F. (John Deere 6930) / fruktor
selectable - ls-for-ever
SpeedDisplayControl - Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
toggleAnimatedParts - Sven777b, Desperados93
Tractorgreenstar - Patar, the Death, sven777b
TTVFunctions - bisailb79
Washable - Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
wheelParticle - Unknown author
WorkStateEvent - Unknown author

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