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Allis Chalmers 7060 2wd Beta v1
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Allis Chalmers 7060 2wd Beta v1

-Allis Chalmers 7060
-Converted from 2011
-Has some issues still that i hope to work out

Tractor: Knagsted for the 4450 base

  • Farmergord
    2014-01-29 00:13 Send message
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    I remember shopping around for a new tracor with my dad. He liked the AC but ended up trading our 970 Case in for a 4440 John Deere. Lots of fond Memories have welled up because of this comunity. Thanks again for sharing.
  • Craig
    2014-09-16 09:10 Send message
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    We had mostly Allis Chalmers and a Gleaner when I was growing up. *single tear*
  • Cody
    2015-07-26 17:14 Send message
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    We harvest with a Gleaner N6 and we farm mainly with Versatile tractors but we have one tractor that is in the worst shape but I like so much. An Allis Chalmers 7080. The engine fell apart so we overhauled a combine motor and put it in it! LOL!!!
  • Name
    2017-09-14 05:57 Send message
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    i am a chicken farmer and we farm around 3000 acres. since before my grandpa established our farm in 56 my family has and still uses Allis Chalmers. I have a 7060 and i have been looking for Allis and Gleaner mods> thank you so much
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