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Allis Chalmers 8550 and 7580
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Allis Chalmers 8550 and 7580

This is the Allis Chalmers 8550 edited by James Brandt with the 7580 decal edit that i added for a little variety.
Used the ingame Case 600 from Giants as a base. Has been completely rebuilt and rescripted.
Fixed all the errors, and would also like to thank Sivy for his advice on fixing the zero triangle errors.
It has moving parts and gauges and same issue as jd 8440 with the needles which is more of a visual flaw, otherwise doesn't cause issues.
Was unable to get in contact with Ford4116, and balogh2003, so will mention their names out of respect for their work.
Able to contact James and get his permission for his work.
All credit to the original authors and people that edited the mod as well as script authors.
Also to Knagsted with the use of his shifter, rims, steering wheel, and guages from the 8440.
JDboy1663 for the CASE IH SADDLE TANKS.
Thanks again to Modelleicher for once again allowing the use of his tires.
Thanks to Strunkhaying for his wonderful pics.
If i have missed anyone, feel free to let me know and will change accordingly.

This is a pack and will have to unzip first.

Front Work Lights: KP5
Rear Work Lights: KP6
Left Turn: KP1
Hazards: KP2
Right Turn: KP3
ES Limiter: KP+/-
Tanks: KP8/9
Ignition: Key Y


ESLimiter: Manuel Leithner
Einblendung: LS-Landtechnik.de
realExhaustParticleSystemV31: modelleicher, SndGrdn edit for dual exhaust  
selectable: ls-for-ever
drivingPS: Manuel Leithner
Rotor: MRA-Modding(Alex2009)
indoorSound: Manuel Leithner
additionalLights: Sven777b
BJR_DynamicCamera: JoXXer(BJR)
BJR_DriveGroundParticles: JoXXer(BJR)
BJR_ManualIgnition: JoXXer(BJR)
BJR_MovingPartsInterior: JoXXer(BJR)

Credits parts and scripts: Giants, balogh2003, Ford4116, James Brandt, Knagsted, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, modelleicher, SndGrdn, ls-for-ever, LS-Landtechnik.de,  JoXXer(BJR), MRA-Modding(Alex2009)

Thanks to all the people I mentioned for making all this possible and for the work i used.

Case 600 by Giants
Allis Chalmers model by Ford4116
Raba by balogh2003
Allis Chalmers 8550 by James Brandt
Convert/edit/scripting 2013 by skoomalegend

Allis Chalmers model by Ford4116
Raba by balogh2003
Allis Chalmers 8550 by James Brandt

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    it a very good mod I love palying with it
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