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Aloe ready CargoR v1.1
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Aloe ready CargoR v1.1

Hello Modhub community
We have our cargo R Aloe made ready after much fumbling.
This is a useful mod for tractors with call. You can use the Aloe fronloaders Stefan Maurus in these cargo R.
This is one of the last mods.
The mod has a heavy weight.

Model: Giants and Dutchy Modding Crew
Textuur: Dutchy Modding Crew
Skript: Giants - Stefan Maurus (aloƫ) - Dutchy Modding Crew

  • Dmc bart administrator
    2014-06-10 18:03
    We said in the discription: ''Don't upload to other websites.'' Well, I'm asking friendly to delete it, or you've got problems!
  • Wow, Yes please, remove this mod from your site. Before the mod comes at places where it doesn't belong. It's for our own safety...Thanks for reading,
  • This is the reason why we stop, you don't have respect for us and only want people to go to your site! I think people who download these mods at this site have to know what sites like these do to modders.I hope you've heart of the Respect For Modders action, because all the respect what's needed for modders is just a bit, and you make a mess of it!
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