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Alpental v1.3
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Alpental v1.3

Patch 2.0 is required
Old Scores can become true over , But Will you then grass and crops a Make Do YOU ​​not where belong.

Welcome to beautiful alpine valley .
This map IS ideal for the single player , too, and kind But Will Easily played friends in multiplayer with YOUR .
BY your special design. Runs die map available liquid and smoothly in older PC.

- Rotting IS : OFF
- Type and grain maize on map of this only a die pigs verfütter or sold, directly becoming. There IS no stock option !

9 Fields 1-6 acres hectares
Standard fruits
2 meadows
Watermod V3 (cows , sheep, chickens )
3 outlets (including vehicle dealers)

Changelog for version 1.2
- Improved texture set / colors
- BGA added with scale
- Added Schlachter
- Water THERE is now also free - Your Must Only Slightly continue ;)
- The village was relocated
- WoolPalette Collector installed v 1.3.1
- MapHoseRefStation nun for cows , pigs and BGA
- More natural , more of everything
- Various bug fixes

Changelog for version 1.1 template
- Advanced Watermod on sheep and chickens
- Water Can Become nun ALSO WITH DM - filled standard trailer
- Cow & Sheep - Freeze Fixed
- Potatoes REACH nun die last growth stage
- Changed Diverse collisions
- Improved texture Grasschwad
- " MapHoseRefStation " For the Eifok ManureMod added (cows )
- Added sentinels in the PDA
- Added milk tanks and sale

If you like it realisatischer , nun with this trailer die milk from the farm for sale at Agrola bring .
Attention, IF your cave trailer used WILL NOT die milk un 24 clock sold.

Required Mods:
PDA Fix http://www.modhoster.de/mods/pdafix
MapDoorTrigger http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mapdoortrigger--10
Joskin Betimax http://www.modhoster.de/mods/joskin-betimax-rds-7500--2

Recommended Mods : (Not to play required)
Animal status http://www.modhoster.de/mods/animalstatus--2
HiredWorkersConsumes .... http://www.modhoster.de/mods/hired-workers-consumes-fuel-and-seeds

Please support via PM But not here in the forum :
I please refrain Of Altered versions upload new! Thank you
Well Have fun playing !

Map by: Elmo
Objects, textures & more by:
Elmo, Wohlstandskind, marhu, Buschi, Katsuo, mailman, Fatian, LS-Landtechnik, Luxfarm, TMT - Trans Mapping Team, MorphX & Fruktor (Eifok), LwFarming, Alex2009, Buschi, u.v.m.

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