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Altersberg v2.0 Final
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Altersberg v2.0 Final

Hello community!
I want to introduce you to the Final V2.0 of my first map: Altersberg. The map contains a higher landscape, and a valley with a river. On the map you are 40 hectares of meadows and many are available. There are no missions, deswengen you should turn them off. Rotting is on! It has changed a lot.
The map is not based on an original replica. It was just built from the imagination. There are many small to medium sized fields. Also meadows are present.

Pig-away (did not work)
-New BGA silo
Road to the BGA (2 directions
Road Signs with working texture
Church in the Age Berger center
Lidl Markt, it placed new supermarket
Road changes (intersections and such)
This V2.0 is a final version, there will be no further more.
Have fun gamble! ;)
Please use original download link!

-Texturen: Eribus
-LeereMap: ???
-Rolltor: GE-Mapping
- Brücke: Fatian
-Schilder: Fatian
-Billinger: Sunsh1ne
-CentralBGA: getsome2030
-Getreidelager: Kyosho
-Maschinenhallen: Katsuo
-Gitterzaunset: martinbigM500
-Hecken: spider100
-Leitplanken: LS-Landtechnik.de
-Mauer: Der DAS
-Straßen: Fatian
-Waterplane: TheModdingMonster
-Weidentore: Weltbauer
-Weidenzaun: Weltbauer
-Fertighäuser: ?

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