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Alvingham Farm
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Alvingham Farm

Alvingham Farm is a British map

Info -

● 1 Yard.
● 1 Sell point.
● 1 Farm shop.
● 20 fields.
● Large Village.
● Extended growth times, Time faster mod is needed.
● Ability to connect the Zunhammer pipes to the slurry pit then to the slurry tanker.

Triggers -

● Wheat, Barley and OSR to be stored in the silos.
● Any other crops you may grow to be stored via tip alternative.
● Manure is inside the cattle shed.
● Slurry is down the side of the cattle shed.
● Fertiliser, Spray and Seed next to cattle shed.
● Sell all products at the farm shop, Eggs at the pub.
● Cow feed is inside the cattle shed, along with the straw trigger.
● Sheep feed is in front of the sheep shed.
● Vehicle reset is in the farm yard.
● Egg collect is in the farm house garden.
● Wool collect is next to the fuel tank.
● Water is at the village lake, Next to the camp site.

Save game -

Inside the .zip file along with the map, there is my current save game.

● Full silage pit.
● Animals fed.
● Animals bedded.
● Stack of 22 round hay bales in the sheep field.
● Stack of 126 round straw bales in the yard.
● All arable fields drilled, Not fertilised.
● Plenty of cash!

NI Modding round bale mod needed in mods folder for bale stacks to show.

Please Note -

A Medium - High spec PC is recommended to run this map.

If you're in the village during the night you may get some lag due to the street lights, Just a small sacrifice for something that looks brilliant.

You must NOT edit this map and upload it to any website or file hosting site.


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Thank you for downloading Alvingham Farm.

Map by:

Objects by:
NI Modding
World Builder
A special thanks to rh from NI Modding for allowing me to use Springhill Farms road network.

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