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American Buildings
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American Buildings

Here are two American style pole barns that I have made. I made these buildings for a map that was a WIP, but they have been traded since, so I am just releasing these so they can't be traded. If there are any issues with these please do not be afraid to say something, I believe they are ready to go, so there shouldn't be any issues, but if there are any issues, please don't hesitate to let me know. There is nothing special about these buildings, they are just simple map objects that must be installed to your map using Giants Editor. I am giving permission to anybody who wants to use these buildings in their map, so if you want to release your map with these buildings, go right ahead.

My only request is that the buildings pack stays on this site.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that other people are taking credit for making these, all I have to say is prove it, because I can!


  • Dle444
    2014-09-04 16:18
    wish theses building were placeable
  • Blackgame
    2014-09-05 04:09
    the door is not operating not open fonction and not close fonction for all door
  • Big-z
    2014-09-13 23:44
    maker of this mod can you please make them placeable.
  • The modhub bandit
    2015-11-15 04:21
    These wrnt the offical Release. Please see AEM For Proper release
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