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American Flatbed Trailer
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American Flatbed Trailer

An American flatbe trailer. It does have a locking script


  • Guest
    2014-09-09 23:22
    ya there r some problems with the trailer
  • Name
    2014-11-01 15:24
    it wont show up in the game can someone help
  • Jamal
    2014-11-12 04:52
    How can i get this flatbed trailer on farming simulator
  • Guest
    2015-03-22 21:40
    after downloading go to the downloads thing which can be found by pressing on the settings mark on your browser screen it is usually found on the top right corner of the screen. click it and it should say tons of things look for the downloads mark. click it. then click show in folder. after that drag it to documents the fs2013 then click into it and go under mods. then you should get it next time you play.
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