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American Map Edit By Edzio021
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American Map Edit By Edzio021

Welcome to the severe trials by American Map Edit By Edzio021 came to an End. I think a map you will find the spodoba.Jeżeli an error notification please comment at the earliest opportunity to improve.

Map Works on Patch 2.0

The main features of the map:
- 1 BGA
- 2 farm.
- Point of Sale
- Sales of logs in 3 places
- Map has chickens cows and sheep.
- We supply the feed as a chicken, a cow, a sheep water
- I did Road Asphalt
- I've added a few trees
- I've added new buildings
- I've added a new purchase of grain near the sheep
- Construction to start.
- MoD Earth (Earth is more realistic)
- Interesting texture ground / crop, and many details.
- Good optimization.

American Map Edit By Edzio021

  • Guest
    2014-04-12 21:52
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    Please don't be shy. If you like a mod or if its full of malware or what ever please COMMENT. Give a fellow gamer a heads up.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-13 09:32
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    Just a re-edit of WestBridge Hills.It's not bad ... better than the original but I was never a fan of that particular map layout.
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