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Amkodor 352 C More Realistic
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Amkodor 352 C More Realistic

Amkodor 352 C More Realistic for Farming Simulator 2013 - 40.3 km/h Open doors, lighting fixtures, handbrake, disabling autoreturn steering, low fuel level sensor, all wheel drive, realistic exhaust. Bucket (3 ) Cargo: wheat, barley, canola , corn, sugar beets, potatoes, grass, seeds, fodder corn, silage, manure , fertilizers; tomato, carrot, onion, savoy cabbage, sand. Wanted: More Realistic Mod, Patch 2.0 and above. Granted benzin666.

Authors: Aleksey Efremov, = FaRMeR =

Installation: Copy the downloaded file in the folder My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\

File Size: 12.81 MB

Aleksey Efremov, = FaRMeR =

  • Leadman
    2014-05-13 12:06
    can't purchase...says remove purchased equipment...space full...every time does not work
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