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Andres Big Map v1.3
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Andres Big Map v1.3

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Hello dear friends of LS13
Multi-fruit Map Andre's Big Map
I thought to Nicolaus I bring out my new Andre 's Big MapV1.3 out . Some already know the V1.2 yes and know what it on the map all I have to say that her Free DLC gibt.Als first - takes classic agriculture , because then you begin to .
However, it has changed on the map so restri . The yard has new halls and shelters , as well as a new Fruchtsilolager . Hereby I would like to again sincerely thank Herbert61 who built the new shelters and the new Fruchtsilo and the new garage hat.Ich thank you one more time for all the objects I have installed.
What else is new , is the orchard while the wholesale market . As you can grow fruits like apples, pears, plums , cherries, coffee and hops. The BGA has two large wedge silos, a Keilsilo is in the yard. On the animal farm , I have installed pigs, cattle, cow , rabbits , horses and Strauss mast , ( Thanks again to Pipa ) . The river once went through the map , I have taken out and replaced by mountains. I tried to make some fields somewhat hilly. There are a few that you can mow lawns , but not all.
The number of pages in the PDA unfortunately I could not change . I think that it was from my side .
Check out the map at your leisure and see what there is to see everything.

Clue for everyone!
For all who think that this is the Map shit or not playable, should only times the map without mod 's test , because it may be that this may be due sometimes to the Mod's who make mistakes and not to the map .
And for the whiners and alls of you who have themselves brought nothing state ... let your stupid comments be what builds itself only times that you may sometimes know how much time and work goes into it as a map or mod .
And now I hope you enjoy gambling.

LG Bigblue

Ich bedanke mich bei allen der Mods ich verbaut habe
Für die idden:
Früchte:Bummi & DDS-Modding
Mast:Marhu & Pipa

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